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647 days 18 hours

‘647 days 18 hours’ (2010) was an interactive map that referenced my GPS trail for the duration of the title. The recording of my movement in this piece became a performed journey that carved out a networked narrative from digital space. Collecting data on myself, and then subsequently mashing it across platforms, allowed me to hack my identity into online space. I began to introduce my creative practice into these spaces and to discuss online how these platforms were becoming my tools. This process simultaneously built narratives about my work and archived my creative thought process.

647 days 18 hours/
2008-08-28 16:33:48 – 2010-06-07 11:16:54
Distance: 46015.0 km –
Avg speed: 3 km/h –
Max speed: 23592 km/h

The platform on which this was built no longer exists online. A small archive of screen grabs exists.