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Riding Through Walls – Travelling to the Frontier of Creative Practice using New Technologies

Project website: http://ridingthroughwalls.megansmith.ca/

‘Riding through Walls’ is a 18-month durational performance in the form of a cross-Canada cycle through Google Street-View on a networked vintage ‘Air Wing’ stationary bike that enables me to propel myself visually through the map at the same speed as my pedalling.

The project engages with physical computing technologies, Google Hangouts, YouTube livestream, and the Google Glass, over a two-year period to track this physical endurance project and to test the capabilities of these tools to manipulate and record the contrived visual experiences.

Follow the journey live here, or from my YouTube Channel.

Keep in touch with me in real-time via Google+, Twitter #ridingthroughwalls, & Instagram.

Ride with me for the long-haul or join me as I come by your town!

Riding Through Walls is a performance by Megan L. Smith.

A series of images will be made during the performance using the Google Glass to document the visual journey and to engage with the public through Twitter and Facebook. The new media performance will be archived in form of visual and sensory data, including monitored pulse and eye tracking.

The project explores through practice-led research the impact of visual and data driven performance, the social and cultural implication of caching body statistics generated from wearable technologies and it tests new physical computing methods for extension into networked culture.

The project aims to build inter-institutional engagement opportunity through the comprehensive arts, sciences, technology, and culture research strands of this project and to produce an innovative new art work that generates original knowledge in the field of creative technology and STEAM research.

The networked bike is built from a vintage Air Wing stationary bicycle provided by Michael Grant.

The code and design of the project has gone through many iterations with support from Michael Grant, and John Campbell. It will be available on GitHub soon.


More project details will follow.

If you would like to learn more about the project please get in touch: Megan(dot)Smith(at)uregina(dot)com