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7th Berlin Biennale/ Art Wiki Project

Launching with the beginning of the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art the Art Wiki is hosting 1800+ artist profiles. I am pleased to count myself among the first participants in this growing project. My profile is here: http://artwiki.org/Megan_Smith

“ArtWiki.org started with the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art as an open platform for artists to share artist biographies as a free and open historiography for contemporary art.”

…we invited all those who sent materials to become artists of the digital venue of the Berlin Biennale. Together with Berlin-based media activist and writer Pit Schultz we developed ArtWiki, a digital art library based on the model of Wikipedia, which is a sustainable project that will continue into the future. It aims to present artists as political and social entities, to lay open the artistic resources of our society and abandon the typical curatorial stance of a politics of selection and exclusivity. Furthermore, art representation on the Internet has been strongly dominated and positioned by market speculation and financial interests, and artists are often hesitant to upload their work for fear of it being misappropriated or even stolen. ArtWiki is the tool through which we want to extend the Biennale exhibition and create an open, not-for-profit platform for information exchange for artists, their activities, and their political standpoints, to show today’s spectrum of artistic attitudes. ArtWiki is also a form of social contract, which is about free exchange of information and trust—something very unusual in times when the art system is based on fully controlled access to art works, images, and even ideas.

by Joanna Warsza

ArtWiki.org, project introduction by Pit Schultz, 7th Berlin Biennale

artwiki.org, project introduction by Pit Schultz, 7th Berlin Biennale from dmovies.net on Vimeo.

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