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The ‘SocialMoment’ series draws iconic instances from the popular social media platform Twitter, during surges of topic-centred emotional activity online. I have isolated these public reflections in digital print to point to shifts in social perception and use of new media. One of the most significant tweets was sent by Janis Krums (@jkrums) on January 15 2009 when a plane crash-landed in the Hudson River in the U.S. His tweeted image circulated the world in seconds alerting of the crash and safety of the passengers before any main news broadcasters could report the story. This act in turn boosted the number of Twitter users and prompted a global conversation about the importance of citizen journalism and the changing news broadcast situation.

The growing series draws attention to moments during the Iranian election, Michael Jackson’s funeral, Canada’s final gold medal in hockey during the 2010 Olympic games, and NASA’s use of Twitter during shuttle lift-off.

Twitter/Art + Social Media, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 01/04 – 01/05