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my data or Apple’s?

my data or Apple’s?, originally uploaded by meganleigh.

Via Flickr:
A snapshot of some of the data my phone has been collecting since last year. I’ve zoomed in on Leeds & Yorkshire in particular.

I’ve done this with OpenPaths. You can find out more about the research innitiative here:

For additional reading, I also recommend this post which quotes Jer Thorp:

From the project site:
“On April 20, 2011, researchers announced that they had discovered a file on Apple iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad, that contains the device’s location records for the last year or more. These records show where the device is on a regular interval, in some cases recording its location every few minutes.

Apple recently announced they will patch iOS to prevent so much data from being stored on your phone or PC. Until then, this data represents a unique opportunity to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems. We believe you should have the option of donating your data in an open, secure fashion, while maintaining control of your information and where it goes.”