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June 14-26, 2015: a durational performance by Megan L. Smith These FIELD NOTES form the beginning of a survey of zooplankton adrift 200 km of the Rideau Canal waterway. You can view live updates on the FIELD NOTES web-site . … Continue reading

birds + drones + eyes

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This is a curated bot:

Ur Beating <3

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A project by Michael Grant & Megan Smith. ‘ur beating <3’ is a work in progress. A first prototype will be released for Valentine’s Day, Feb 14 2014. This Arduino-based wearable work will detect the human pulse and relay the … Continue reading

hack ur baubles

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  A project by Michael Grant & Megan Smith. hack ur baubles Customize your Christmas lights and add a personal narrative to your baubles with light and sound sensors. Build your Christmas experience to your taste and then control your … Continue reading


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‘Landline’ is a free app for audio archiving site-specific experiences. It was built with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS using the ApplicationCraft cloud IDE and compiler. It runs on Android, iPhone and from the Chrome web browser, links at the bottom. Created … Continue reading


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‘this.message.will.self-destruct.’ is project by Megan Smith & Michael Grant, that relays secret messages using infrared light and handheld technologies. The project is narrative-based, leading and informing an audience through a physical journey within the built environment by engaging them in … Continue reading

647 days 18 hours

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‘647 days 18 hours’ (2010) was an interactive map that referenced my GPS trail for the duration of the title. The recording of my movement in this piece became a performed journey that carved out a networked narrative from digital … Continue reading

My Portable Home

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My Portable Home is part of curator Lars Vilhelmsen’s The Travellers Box project. I used a tent, rogue internet signal, laptop, cell phone, and audio-visual equipment to make the piece. The tent formed a symbolic shelter within the city. It … Continue reading

The DoGoSee Project

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‘The DoGoSee Project’, is a collaboration between Megan Smith & Benjamin Halsall. This project explores new methods of creatively mapping out space using mobile phones and their cameras, as well as GPS technologies. The outcome digital prints, blogs, audio recordings … Continue reading

Our City, Our Music

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‘Our City, Our Music’ investigates the use of binaural sound recording and geo-located video to map urban spaces. It is a collaborative project led by myself, Ben Dalton & Ben Halsall. ‘Our City, Our Music’ is accessible via mobile devices … Continue reading


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The ‘SocialMoment’ series draws iconic instances from the popular social media platform Twitter, during surges of topic-centred emotional activity online. I have isolated these public reflections in digital print to point to shifts in social perception and use of new … Continue reading

Pst! microCONTROL

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‘Pst!’ is the surreptitious beckoning of attention and the acronym for Physical Space Tweets. It is an installation of 5 small storytellers placed in a public space giving an audience a glimpse into geo-tagged community topic feeds that unravel in … Continue reading

Cultural Probe (book)

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This artist book references 1199 contributions to Twitter made during the last two years of my PhD research at Leeds Metropolitan University. The content takes place between 8 July 2008 & 8 July 2010. The primary recording tool used to … Continue reading

Field Research

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‘Field Research’ is a collaborative project between Locomoocow Arts Centre in Mangrove Mountain, NSW, Australia and The Farm, Clarendon, QC, Canada. Working with video and binaural microphones a diptych narrative is currently being produced tying these two geographically distanced rural … Continue reading

Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau 2013 SUPERNOVA!

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Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau is a 1 night per year, dusk-until-dawn celebration of Contemporary Art and local culture that takes place across multiple venues in the National Capital Region. The event showcases the creativity and cohesion of this dynamic community, the … Continue reading


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Child explores technology mediated experience and bond with technology. The making of this animation and subsequent website documenting the process allowed me to experience and reflect on the intimate situation of human engagement with computer-generated imagery. While struggling through the technical … Continue reading

Nuit Blanche press/

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Here is some recent press about Nuit Blanche Ottawa. It’s getting very close now and the excitement is building. Guerilla Magazine/ By/ Tony Martins Click the link to read / Nuit Blanche curators prepare for one-night stand of engaging art Tuesday, … Continue reading

7th Berlin Biennale/ Art Wiki Project

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Launching with the beginning of the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art the Art Wiki is hosting 1800+ artist profiles. I am pleased to count myself among the first participants in this growing project. My profile is here: “ … Continue reading

Critical Blogging Residency/ Artengine + Apt 613

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I am really pleased to take up the Artengine and Apt 613 Critical Blogging Residency. You can find their announcement here: … I’ll be heading to ELEKTRA/ International Digital Arts Biennale at the end of the week to absorb … Continue reading

a creative tackle / politics done socially

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Politics, whether personal or of national importance, are rarely delivered nor received without at least a hint of emotion. With the heavy incorporation of social media in the last U.S. presidential election waves of euphoria and disgrace rippled across the … Continue reading


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  DEFUNCT aims to creatively uncover and re-tell stories about decommissioned, or abandoned bases, in Canada using as narrators inhabitants who lived at these locations. It aims to bring to the public realm aspects of Canadian history. A particular emphasis … Continue reading

PhD & Cultural Probe are now available on

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Claiming the Portable Home/ Creative Acts of Identity Placemaking within the Networked Digital Domain Cultural Probe: 8 July 2008 to 8 July 2010 These two books formed part of my PhD submission. The research was practice based and … Continue reading


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Claiming the Portable Home/ Creative Acts of Identity Placemaking within the Networked Digital Domain Megan Leigh Smith BFA York University, Canada 2001 MA Southampton University, United Kingdom 2004 Thesis awarded in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Leeds Metropolitan University … Continue reading

Open Window In City

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‘Open Window in City’ is a live-networked video installation between two twinned cities. This project was supported by East Street Arts and Leeds City Council and was later funded by the Arts Council of England & The Culture Company – … Continue reading

Have fun!

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Have fun!, a photo by meganleigh on Flickr.  

my data or Apple’s?

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my data or Apple’s?, originally uploaded by meganleigh. Via Flickr: A snapshot of some of the data my phone has been collecting since last year. I’ve zoomed in on Leeds & Yorkshire in particular. I’ve done this with OpenPaths. You … Continue reading

Over Yonder – Open Window in City

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From the Over Yonder site: Window in CityThis project will certainly interest all of you who like technology and the artist Megan Smith pushes the boundaries of Skype to invite you to live portals opening up possibilities of meeting and … Continue reading

SanctionedArray – Specify Others – Video Archive

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SanctionedArray – Specify Others “SanctionedArray is an online database of video art conceived in response to the restrictions of artists’ submissions to The Guggenheim Museum’s and YouTube’s video biennial, Play ( Artists’ submissions to Play are limited by OFAC sanctions … Continue reading

NeMe – Mirror Stage Banners

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DSC01005.JPG, originally uploaded by ‘Child’ was used on all the promotional material for the NeMe-Mirror Stage Exhibition in Limassol, Cyprus, September 2008. I unfortunately could not make it to the show but am happy to see ‘Child’ was seen … Continue reading

cultural probe

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cultural probeOriginally uploaded by meganleigh The new iphone has the capacity to encourage clustered activity within the digital domain. This will be reflected in the boost of new users on social networking sites, mobs descending on new applications, and in … Continue reading